German courses B2 to C1

Duration: 60
Level: B2-C1
Lessons: 40
Students: 10

Interested in improving your German skills for university studies or working completely in German? Are you moving to a German-speaking country? Is it your goal to improve your knowledge of higher level vocabulary? Take this German Advanced Course to reach your goals!

The course is intended for students who have completed level B2.

You may already work in German and communicate with others about your ideas and opinions sometimes. In most cases, you are able to read and listen to most German without too many problems - you just need to concentrate on the occasional word or phrase. Many of the subtleties, idioms, and less common vocabulary bits are missed when you don't pay attention to them.

Writing and speaking formal and informal language are important parts of this course. You will improve your social skills and general employability by taking this course. Your grammar and vocabulary will be enhanced as you practice writing and speaking fluently and accurately.

The purpose of this course is to help you take your German to the C1 level.