German courses B1 to B2

Duration: 60
Level: B1-B2
Lessons: 40
Students: 10

Level B1 students are eligible for this course.

Are you ready to improve your German skills? Would you like to use German beyond practical daily life activities such as speaking and writing about more developed or abstract ideas? Interested in expanding or refreshing your vocabulary and grammar knowledge? If so, this German Upper-Intermediate Course is for you!

There are some things in German that you are not sure of how to say. For example, you might know how to talk about yourself and your opinions and ideas in German. You may also read news in German or watch TV in German (with subtitles); however, you might not know how to say them all. It's possible your writing contains some grammar errors, but you don't know how to fix them. The course will help you improve your fluency and accuracy in writing and speaking. It will also help you learn more grammar and vocabulary.

Throughout this course, you will explore how to give more detailed, abstract, and nuanced information. It will be a great opportunity to speak and receive feedback on your spoken performance. As a result, you will feel significantly more confident in using German and will have a greater understanding of many words and phrases that will help you convey your ideas in speaking and writing.


German Upper-Intermediate Course (B2) consists of 40 lessons of 1 hour and 30 minutes in the virtual classroom. The recommended self-study load is 90 hours.

Students are expected to attend at least 80% of the classes.