German Courses A2 to B1 for Russian Speakers

Duration: 60
Level: B1
Lessons: 40
Students: 10

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*The duration of the trial lesson is 60 minutes for a group and 30 minutes for individual lessons.
Someone learns German to read original poetry - Goethe, Heine, Schiller .. Someone else - to understand psychoanalysis. For others, it is a tool that develops spatial thinking - perhaps that is why the most important world philosophy after Greek was created on it, and it was in Germany that the foundations of modern scientific philology were laid. To speak German means to be in the same amplitude with Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. What level is needed for this? German for adults A2-B1, B1-B2, B2-C1 is already a solid enough foundation to work with original texts and understand their essence.
But German is not just the core of European culture. Its utility is also striking, because it is the most widely spoken language in the European Union. It is recognized as a state in 7 EU countries. In general, more than 130 million people speak German in the world, which makes it the tenth most popular language on the planet. German for adults A2-B1, B1-B2, B2-C1 is the base necessary for free communication. But even without knowing the language at all, you already speak German a little. Words such as gestalt, hamburger, lager, poodle, ersatz, kaput, leitmotif, edelweiss, blitzkrieg and many dozens, hundreds of others have firmly entered our speech precisely from it.
German for adults A2-B1, B1-B2, B2-C1 - this level is quite enough to not only classify yourself as an intellectual elite, but also open up endless opportunities for new information, acquaintances, business enterprises.