Dutch Inburgering Exam Preparation Course for Russian-speaking Students

Duration: 48
Level: Inburgeringscursus (B1-B2)
Lessons: 32
Students: 10

The Dutch course for Russian speakers to prepare for the integration exam is the shortest way to pass the integration exam and obtain Dutch citizenship. Many people live in the Netherlands for years, but never start learning the language for various reasons. The most common of them: it is enough to know English for work, and the need for Dutch most often arises when a person realizes that he has lived in the country for five years and can apply for citizenship. Most often, this is when the search for Dutch courses to prepare for the integration exam begins. But in view of the fact that the courses are attended by people from different countries who speak different languages, such courses are usually taught by native speakers. Accordingly, the explanation of the material is also carried out in Dutch, which greatly complicates and slows down the learning process.

That is why we have launched the project Dutch courses for the integration exam for Russian speakers, where all the material can be explained to you by certified teachers of Dutch, whose native language is Russian. Classes are available both in groups and individually.

To become a Dutchman, you need to think like him. In other words, to know the history and culture of this beautiful country, and to speak its language. You can learn it well in a few months if you already have knowledge of the language at the A1 level. If you start learning Dutch from scratch, the average preparation time will take about 9 months.

However, in order to adapt to a new country, knowing the language is not enough. You need to try to create a social circle for yourself - preferably from local residents. It will also help to visit public places - restaurants, museums, shopping centers. In addition, they will accelerate the adaptation of travel to different cities of the Netherlands - they will allow you to see new facets of national cuisine, art, geography, etc.

But the main thing is to have a clear plan in mind for several months or years ahead, what you would like to achieve while living in the Netherlands. It will become a powerful support if nostalgia for the first homeland suddenly floods in, and there is a desire to return. And the first step towards its implementation can be such a course - as the Dutch language for Russian speakers to pass the integration exam (Inburgeringsexamen).



Learning Goals for Dutch Inburgering Exam Preparation Course for Russian-speaking Students:

  1. Basic Language Proficiency: Develop a solid foundation in the Dutch language, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and basic conversational skills.

  2. Listening Comprehension: Improve the ability to understand spoken Dutch in different contexts, such as everyday conversations, public announcements, and media sources.

  3. Speaking Skills: Enhance speaking skills by practicing various situational dialogues, role-plays, and discussions, enabling students to effectively express themselves in Dutch.

  4. Reading Comprehension: Strengthen reading skills through exposure to a wide range of texts, including news articles, advertisements, instructions, and short stories, to improve vocabulary acquisition and comprehension.

  5. Writing Skills: Develop writing skills by practicing different types of written communication, such as filling out forms, writing emails, composing letters, and completing simple essays, while focusing on correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

  6. Cultural Knowledge: Gain an understanding of Dutch culture, customs, and traditions, as well as social norms and etiquette, to facilitate integration into Dutch society.

  7. Inburgering Exam Preparation: Familiarize students with the format, content, and requirements of the Inburgering Exam, focusing on the language section, civic integration topics, and the orientation exam, to ensure they are well-prepared for successful completion of the exam.

  8. Test-taking Strategies: Provide strategies and techniques for effective test-taking, including time management, understanding instructions, and practicing sample exam questions, to increase confidence and performance during the Inburgering Exam.

  9. Independent Learning Skills: Equip students with tools and resources to continue learning and improving their Dutch language skills outside the classroom, including recommended textbooks, online platforms, and language exchange opportunities.

  10. Cultural Adaptation: Help students adapt to Dutch society by providing insights into daily life, education, healthcare, housing, transportation, and employment, enabling them to navigate their new environment with confidence.

By focusing on these learning goals, the Dutch Inburgering Exam Preparation Course aims to empower Russian-speaking students to successfully integrate into Dutch society, communicate effectively in Dutch, and pass the Inburgering Exam.

The duration of the Dutch Inburgering Exam Preparation Course for Russian-speaking Students is from 4 months.
2 lessons per week of 1 hour and 20 minutes in the virtual classroom. Students are expected to attend at least 80% of the classes.