Dutch Course for Russian Speaking Children

Duration: 48
Level: A1-A2
Lessons: 32
Students: 10

Dutch courses for Russian-speaking children are intended for children over 12 years old who have already moved, or are just planning to move to the Netherlands, and for whom knowledge of the Dutch language is especially important and necessary for full integration into the Dutch community.
The Netherlands is a country that annually receives a huge number of both ordinary tourists and people who come to this country to start life from scratch, whether it be a career, family life or just a desire to start life in a new country. And often these are not just students, but adults, accomplished people with children. And if adults who come to the Netherlands to work often manage to get by with English, since most of them work in large international companies, then children in this sense are much more difficult. They have to go to school and learn Dutch. In the Netherlands, there are special schools for children of foreigners, where they have time to adapt to new realities and learn Dutch directly with native speakers, you say. Yes this is true. But have you ever thought about how much time your child will need to learn a completely new and unfamiliar language for him, all the more so you need to learn the language so well that you can easily perceive the school curriculum in all subjects in the Dutch language. And the school system in the Netherlands is arranged in such a way that already at the age of 12-13 there is a “distribution” of children to high school at three different levels. And only good test results will allow your child to get into a school of a level that will allow him to continue his education further (to enter an institute, university). And if you have already moved to the Netherlands, or are just planning to move to this wonderful country, you have the opportunity to give your child a chance not to waste a few years learning the language.
Children over 12 years old can start learning Dutch today with our Dutch courses for Russian-speaking children Columbus Courses.
Rumor has it that the Dutch language will disappear in the future. More precisely, he will dissolve in other languages ​​that already have a great influence on him - German, French, English. But actually it is not. The Dutch language is special and bears little resemblance to any other languages ​​of the Romano-Germanic group that you learned at school.
It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find Dutch language courses for Russian-speaking children. That is why Columbus Courses launched such a project. Our teachers will select the format of education that is right for your child. At the same time, we offer Dutch lessons for children both in groups and individually.
First of all, it is important to pay attention to the teacher. He must be able to find an approach to a teenager, to establish relations with him - in order to fully reveal his abilities through his personality. Further, the methodology is important - that is, the means that are used in the educational process: books, audio and video recordings, multimedia materials. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the Dutch language for Russian-speaking children (from the age of 12) is not only learning in courses. You should help the child outside of class: watch movies with subtitles, study the culture of the Netherlands, travel around the country. Full immersion in the atmosphere of the language will give the effect that you want to achieve - that is, master Dutch at a free level.

The objectives of the Dutch language courses for Russian-speaking children aged 12 and above are as follows:

  1. Development of language skills: The courses aim to enhance speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in the Dutch language. Children will learn to express their thoughts and ideas confidently and accurately, comprehend texts of various genres, and interact in Dutch.

  2. Improving communicative competence: The courses will help children develop confidence in communicating in Dutch and learn to use language effectively in different situations, including everyday conversations, games, and activities.

  3. Broadening cultural understanding: Children will be introduced to Dutch culture, traditions, and customs. The courses will enable them to understand and appreciate the cultural heritage of the Dutch people.

  4. Preparation for academic tasks: The courses will equip children with the necessary skills to succeed in academic tasks in the Dutch language, including reading academic materials, writing essays, and completing academic assignments.

  5. Creating cross-cultural connections: The courses will facilitate children in establishing contacts and interacting with Dutch peers, fostering the development of cross-cultural competence and strengthening international connections.

The objectives of the Dutch language courses for Russian-speaking children aged 12 and above aim to ensure comprehensive development of language skills, communicative competence, cultural understanding, and cross-cultural connections. The courses will enable children to achieve success in learning the Dutch language and engaging within the Dutch-speaking environment.

Duration of the Dutch Course for Russian Speaking Children is from 4 months.
2 lessons per week of 1 hour and 20 minutes in the virtual classroom. Students are expected to attend at least 80% of the classes.